Discussion items

RefApp 2.6Unknown User (hilz041) & Rafal Korytkowski
  • Planned release 4 May 2pm UTC
RefApp 2.7Unknown User (ssmusoke)
  • Darius mentioned that we would do well to consider current work and leveraging what is already being done
  • Core 2.1 released 27 April 2017
  • Need to clarify how/what we will support. Discussion here.
  • Platform 2.2+ planning needs to happen soon
    • Need a clear vision for the platform (what is within scope)
AddonsUnknown User (darius)No update. Will try to get live by start of GSoC
Internships GSoC announce accepted students on 4 May at 16:00 UTC
AndelaUnknown User (dkayiwa)

Burke still needs to help set up meeting between Andela & OpenMRS (Darius, Jan, Daniel, Nicholas Ingosi, Andela)

Scrum of ScrumsUnknown User (darius)

Review Notes from Q1 2017

  • OpenMRS Configuration (Installation Support) +1
    • Bahmni's configuration pattern (easier installation)
    • Mekom's OpenMRS Initializer
  • Simple Distribution for start up (small clinics) +1
  • Consider for RefApp
    • PIH's ED Triage app
    • Registration (PIH Registration Dashboard, RI CBR's interest, ±biometrics)
    • Bahmni's Form Builder
    • Audit Log
    • Drug Ordering (leverage Bahmni's order entry redesign aka Medication Tab)
    • OCL Subscription Module
  • Collaborations & Potential Collaborations
    • PIH & I-TECH EMR iSanté in Haiti have been generating improvements for RefApp
    • Bahmni's audit log may be helpful for CBR need for audit log
    • Biometrics (e.g., fingerprinting) interesting to both I-TECH and RI's CBR work
    • IRD/IHS and PIH collaborating on endTB with Bahmni
    • DHIS2 Integration – missed opportunities?
      • Might help to do some shared business analysis to see what people need from DHIS2 integration (may not be "click the button to automatically send" ... may be ability to review data first).
      • Jembi has their own approach
    • We may benefit from Mozambique's (eSaude's) dispensing model
    • Helping OCL at function well at scale
  • ETL/Reporting
    • PIH working with Pentaho
    • I-TECH working on ETL & DHIS2 integration in Kenya


Action items