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2017-03-06 Project Management Meeting

  • Do not believe any todos from last week were completed
PM VolunteerFYI

No volunteers at this time -

Platform 2.1.0Darius Jazayeri
  • Darius is on vacation
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.6Stephen Senkomago Musoke
Replace Module RepositoryDarius Jazayeri
  • Darius is on vacation
GSoCSuranga Kasthurirathne, Kaweesi Joseph, Harsha Kumara, Burke Mamlin
  • No one on the call to give update
AndelaDaniel Kayiwa
  • demo is scheduled for next week, Daniel will post to Talk
Quarterly Scrum of ScrumsDarius Jazayeri
  • Darius is on vacation
Work Time: Project Wiki Clean Up 

Project Home Page

We cleaned up everything that was listed under Active Projects that started with the letter A.

Lots of cleanup still to be done!



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