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Technical RadarDarius Jazayeri
Aligning Bahmni's roadmap and OpenMRS's release roadmapAngshuman Sarkar
  • do not want to delay the release of 2.0 until later in the year
  • worried about features in 1.x and disappear in 2.0
  • TW trying to figure out how to slot dependent features
  • right now not planning to use any form concept attributes until mid-June
  • Bahmni does not need us to wait on 2.0 if we can commit to having a faster release process going forward
  • will be focusing on legacy UI as manage concepts are over there
  • group of interns working with Rafal Korytkowski on manage concepts, not sure of the timeline so will need to ping them
  • Bahmni team believes they will be done with 1.12 by end of May
  • back port into 2.0 so then we can get it released
2.4 releaseJames deGraft-Johnson
  • tried to deploy on UAT and there was a timeout
  • James emailed helpdesk

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