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2.4Unknown User (jdegraft)
  • was delaying release for testing and did not get much assistance here
  • Daniel does not see anything that should hold us back from releasing
  • Trying to release this week
  • tickets in 2.4 that are not showing in the finished state daniel will help to clear them -
2.0Unknown User (maany)
  • Wyclif Luyima working on case reports module and will be helping Unknown User (maany)
  • Daniel Kayiwa supporting release managers with tickets and testing for releases. Working on backlog of pull requests
  • Unknown User (raff) mentoring SolDevelo and GSoC. OpenMRS SDK sprints
  • Daniel is working with Uganda team that is planning an implementers meeting in Sept. - post should be made to the community on Talk in the next few days

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