Primary MentorJan Flowers
Backup MentorPascal Brandt
GSoC StudentShekharreddy Mittapelly
Interested PeopleDarius Jazayeri, Burke Mamlin


Hack the Atlas in the right direction.


The exact scope of work is yet to be defined, but here are a few initial ideas:

Suggest timeline

Link to Doc


  1. Atlas Module
  2. Atlas Module 2.0 Project (all see the comments here)
  3. Atlas Module Confluence Search
  4. JIRA Project Dashboard 
  5. Project Page (GSoC 2011)
  6. Project Page (GSoC 2014)
  7. Altas Docker (WIP)

Source Code

  1. openmrs-contrib-atlas (PHP Laravel Framework)

  2. openmrs-contrib-atlas-node (Node app on the server side)
  3. atlas-mock-id ( multipass mock auth written by Alexis)

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Atlas 3.0 Documentation

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