Primary MentorSaptarshi Purkayastha
Backup MentorTBD
GSoC Student


Interested PeoplePascal Brandt Namrata Nehete Sandeep Raparthi Elliott Williams


Since we now have support for Open Web Apps [1], it would be great to put together a library of approved apps that could be downloaded and installed via a convenient user interface inside the OpenMRS web application. We already have Modulus [7] that does this for OpenMRS Modules, so one strategy would be to extend Modulus to also work for OpenMRS Open Web Apps.


Suggest timeline



  1. Open Web Apps Module (source)
  2. Previous GSoC Project Page
  3. Developing an HTML+JS Open Web App Quickly
  4. Open Web App Development Workflow
  5. Yeoman OpenMRS OWA Generator
  6. DHIS2 App Store Web Frontend
  7. OpenMRS Modulus (api docs)