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KenyaEMR - Nicholas Ingosi
OCL Update  - Jonathan Payne
KenyaEMR is a distribution of OpenMRS used widely within Kenya (more than 340 facilities).
OCL is the "github of terminologies" that grew out of the popular Maternal Concept Lab, a tool to search various OpenMRS concept dictionaries. While currently focused on CIEL (the primary shared dictionary within the OpenMRS community), OCL's goal is to be the primary service used to find, share, and harmonize concepts within OpenMRS and other health-related systems.
The problem
Updates of CIEL (concept dictionary) and managing local concepts for KenyaEMR was challenging. CIEL is delivered via SQL scripts, making updates a technical task.
The solution
OCL Subscription Module was created to connect to the CIEL dictionary on the OpenMRS Concept Lab servers. This module was designed to allow CIEL updates to be downloaded and updated automatically.
OCL Subscription module is now running on KenyaEMR's central vocabulary server without errors (as of Jan 2016).
How long does it take to run initial synchronization – i.e., get updates – using OCL Subscription module? It takes ~6 hours for a decent sized server. On a VM, it can take longer (e.g., >15 hours).
Subsequent updates are just for changes since the last update (the client sends the timestamp of last update and the server just sends changes since that time), so subsequent updates should be quicker. This is the next step in testing (testing subsequent updates).
Is bandwidth an issue? The first step is a download. After the update download, the rest of the process is performed locally. It's not obvious when the download is complete vs. processing begins.
CIEL is doing regular (e.g., monthly) releases.
OCL Updates: