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Community Development StatusDarius
  • Darius will start posting more publicly about getting formal on recording things that happen in the community so we can create metrics and give people feedback
  • All should label appropriate tickets as "community priority"
Platform 1.12Shruthi Dipali
  • showcase on 11 Jan design call
  • UI put on hold for awhile
Platform 2.0Mayank
  • alpha out in next 2 days
  • have drafted helpdesk, blog and talk communications
  • locally testing modules that need to be bundled
  • legacy UI should be in test
  • will work on updating REST web services after releasing Platform 2.0 alpha.
  • need legacy UI release before alpha
  • decided on the REST resource approach, and will work on this after the alpha
  • next version 2.0 alpha then 2.0 beta
  • outstanding 2.0 platform tickets, 10-12 tickets will be released with alpha and then other released with beta
  • tickets with design tickets need to be design forum topics
  • need new organized process for servers
  • priority is for automated builds to go into platform then deal with QA platform
  • Darius recommends that the integration and QA servers are only what actual release is (UAT server needs legacy UI)
  • finalize a way to transition reference application to run on 2.0, alpha release will re-kindle conversation
  • Would like to see other topics on this call, not just dev and tech
  • How are you planning to track activity Darius? Propose new database for GitHub, Talk, Wiki.
  • ThoughtWorks devs in India are planning to work on Atlas Module (dev forum topic)
  • Elliott Williams to show dev on module repository

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