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Reference Application 2.3 

Tharunya Pati
Platform 1.12Shruthi Dipali & Sathyan
  • Shruthi and Bahmni Project Manager Sathyan will be pairing to be the release managers for 1.12
  • Need to talk with release managers about what all will go into 1.12
  • 1.12 will focus on drug entry and order sets
Platform 2.0Mayank Sharma
  • Week of October 19 all hands on deck to work on remove legacy UI -
  • Wyclif working on tickets to have a sprint later this week.
  • Darius recommends getting the first part of the coding done and then ask for people to help create tickets
  • Planning on merging in all initial work for removing deprecated methods this week (10/19) Daniel Kayiwa will be taking the first pass.
  • PIH is investing more time looking at Bahmni distribution as a long term solution.
  • Registration is live in Mirebalais and we are registering patients.

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