The modules that make up the Reference Application are (mostly) translated via the online tool Transifex. It lives  here:

If you would like to help translate, you need to create a (free) account on transifex and join the OpenMRS team on Transifex. (If you have trouble doing this, please ask for help on the dev:translation category of OpenMRS Talk.)

If you find a Reference Application module that is not included in the Transifex project, please ask on OpenMRS Talk to have it added. 

Translations are automatically pulled into the codebase daily, but module owners won't automatically notice this, and won't automatically release a new version with your translations. After you have reached some milestone of translating a module, you should write a post on dev:translation, and we'll make sure the appropriate module owner is notified.

You can be a reviewer!

We would like to have all translations be reviewed before they are pulled into the codebase, but we are not doing this yet. (At present we automatically mark all translations as reviewed daily, with this CI plan.)

Help us improve by volunteering to review translations! For this you should meet certain requirements:

  1. Be a native speaker or interpreter of the language
  2. (one of the following)

If you are interested in the work of a reviewer, but you don't meet all conditions or if you can speak an uncommon language, ask if you still qualify on the dev:translation category.

Be a Translation Manager

There are some tasks that you can do as a Translation Manager, without needing to be multilingual yourself:

Thanks to Ismael Batista for volunteering in this role! (We can always use more help, though.)

Translation Notes & Gotchas

Developer Details

For more details about how a developer would configure a module to use Transifex, see Maintaining OpenMRS Module Translations via Transifex.

Translating OpenMRS clinical terminology

The file handles application-specific language. For more information about updating and translating clinical terminology used in OpenMRS via the concept dictionary, see Terminology Service Bureau. Contact Andrew Kanter at