What this module does

The module allows OpenMRS users to use OHDSI's software tools that provides various analytical visualizations.  

How it is done

The module exports OpenMRS database (MySQL) into OHDSI's CDM5 database compliant PLSQL import statements. This module is based on the Scenario 1 described in the project page of this module.

Documentation / How-To

  1. The user needs to upload the OHDSI module in the OpenMRS.
  2. Click on Administration, and click manage module under OHDSI Module.
  3. Click on Download data link and that will generate the import statements in a file that is downloaded onto your system.
  4. Now open your OHDSI Postgres database and run this generated file and that should import the data.

Data Analytics: OLYMPUS

After the data has been loaded in the Postgres database you can begin the analysis through Olympus. "OLYMPUS is a unified platform for running OHDSI web applications. It is designed to simplify the process of getting up and running with OHDSI"1

Prestep: Setting up Olympus

  1. Go to this link - http://www.ohdsi.org/analytic-tools/olympus-a-unified-platform-for-ohdsi-web-applications/
  2. Click on download olympus

  3. And follow the install instructions under it


Step 1: Cohort Creation: Circe


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