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Platform 1.11.4

Daniel Kayiwa
  • Released

Reference Application 2.3

Unknown User (tharunya)
  • module html widgets 1.7.0 has been released
  • Darius committed changes for release app framework and it is ready to be released
  • Willa to release form entry?
  • Wyclif Luyima needs responses from Mark and Darius for refapp, registration app and registration core.
  • Darius says  looks good and just needs to be released.

Platform 2.0 

  • Aiming for alpha release of Platform 2.0 in October. 
  • FHIR support version 0.9.1 released
  • Have a sprint on Legacy UI after Ref App 2.3 is out
  • Building and making changes to allergies in core. Aiming to include in alpha release.
  • Remove deprecated methods will need to be assigned an owner.
  • Suggest to get something for developers to see and touch to get them more focused on helping with tickets and to reach out to Unknown User (michael) for advice as well.
  • Mayank has exams next week so he will not be on the next PM call

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