Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleName
  • need to find out if we have 1.0 yet. Burke will reach out
OpenMRS Web Framework 
  • REST ticket were ranked last week
  • Darius wants to point people towards this ranked list
Vertical Packaging 
  • Rafal is reviewing metadata mapping content and thinking about an upcoming sprint
Administrative functions 
Condition List 
  • Last week Daniel mentioned he believed condition list would not be ready for 2.3 if we did not get volunteers on admin sprint. It is looks like condition lit will not make it into 2.3.
Upgrade Underlying Technologies 
  • Update on 13 Aug developers forum
Release Managers 
  • Volunteers OpenMRS 2.3: Manika Maheshwari & Tharunya Pati
  • Volunteers Platform 2.0: Mayank Sharma
  • Burke will get feedback from /dev/5's on volunteers
Project Management 
  • Need to look at the way we approach sprints and releases

Action items