Primary mentor

Robby O'Connor

Backup mentor

Elliott Williams

GSoC student

Weihua Cheung



OpenMRS ID is the user account management system that underlies all services on It provides single-sign-on access to the Wiki, OpenMRS Talk, JIRA, the Modules directory, and other services. It also publishes the ID Dashboard, a frontend interface where users can sign up for an ID and modify their profile information.

To allow us to do more with OpenMRS ID, we're continually trying to add features to the platform. This project will tackle some of the new features and ideas we have for OpenMRS ID.


Project Champions

Objectives (tentative)

Note about objectives: You are not expected to complete all of these in the course of a summer project. In your application, please indicate which objectives you'd like to work on. If you want to work on something that is not listed here and you'd like to work on it, be as detailed as humanly possible in your proposal as to how you will implement it. Ask questions early!