Mar 09, 2015



Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleUnknown User (raff)
  • Need update from Rafal. 
  • Trying to get a work in progress on 3/12 dev forum
Drug Lookup for Allergy releaseDaniel Kayiwa
  • Need to get an update from Daniel
  • May need Rafal to resolve
Running 2.2 on top of 1.11Daniel Kayiwa
  • Need to get an update from Daniel
Condition List 
  • Under code review. The extent to which this is advertised for release will depend on code review.
  • Maurya will need to reach out to Darius to figure out how to decide extent of advertisement for 2.2
  • Sprint was completed and community is reviewing.
  • Would like to work on for 2.2. If there is not time will be in 2.2.1
Appointment SchedulingWyclif Luyima
  • Awaiting for devtest02 to be built and it will be ready for 2.2.
Chart SearchDaniel Kayiwa
  • Daniel working with Kaweesi Joseph
Migration StrategyWyclif Luyima
  • need to understand challenges from upgrading from 1.9 to 2.2
  • once we understand challenges we can try to help people and possibly automate some things
  • release notes should have details about upgrading

Action items