Primary mentorHarsha Kumara
Backup mentorSuranga Kasthurirathne
GSoC studentMayank Sharma


The purpose of this project is to implement the OAuth2 support for the OpenMRS Webservices APIs. OAuth2 is welknown and popular standard in securing the webserives APIs where user can invoke services through access token without exposing their credentials. OpenMRS has two main web services projects  which are OpenMRS restful web services module[5] and OpenMRS FHIR module[1]. So the main target is to  implement the OAuth support for platform where OpenMRS act as a OAuth provider. 

This requirement is mainly coming from OpenMRS FHIR module which OpenMRS has recently undertaken a commitment to implement FHIR in order to ensure better interoperability between healthcare systems. The OpenMRS FHIR module was developed as part of these efforts. Currently, there is need to support the OAuth2 for the FHIR Module.

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How FHIR and REST Module Interact

Extra credit



  1. Work already completed under phase 01 of the FHIR module
  2. HL7 FHIR wiki
  3. OpenMRS FHIR GitHub Repo
  4. SMART enabled oauth
  5. OpenMRS REST Module