Feb 20, 2015




  1. All organizations using OpenMRS will have to map their concepts to the CIEL concept dictionary.

  2. Dedicated team to manage concept needs of different organizations in Kenya. This team will also handle concepts unique to each organization to ensure no undue duplication of concepts occurs.

  3. Resources for procurement and management of the Kenya Central Server.


Implementation progress


  1. ITECH is working on the first version of the module and have 7 unresolved tickets before the module is implemented/ready for work.  Find link for all issues here
  2. The first version will handle imports of whole CIEL concept dictionary and updates to it thereafter.  It is hoped that the second version will be able to handle requests for new concepts from implementing organizations. That is to say; further versions will allow subscription to other dictionary sources other that CIEL.



  1. How will already created concepts be moved to the Central server?

2. Different organizations have different and unique concepts. Who is to decide on the uniqueness of a concept to an organization?

 3. How far is the development of the module

4. Who will constitute the team that will review the concepts?