Jan 12, 2015



Discussion items

OCL subscription moduleRafał Korytkowski
  • work happening there, but no new updates
Release Platform 1.11 
  • Burke Mamlin still needs to email community about plan for a full release for 1.11
OpenMRS 2.1.1  
Drug Lookup for Allergy release 
  • Andy still wants to work with 1.6
  • Rafal is working on , depends on
OpenMRS 2.2 


Maximize UI Convergence 
  • Talk to KenyaEMR at Maputo in January.
Condition List 
  • Emerson and Vinay Venu will be at Maputo so need to make time to discuss condition list at OMRS15.
Basic Order Entry 
  • was a topic on today's design call -
  • get iTECH to clarify HL7 and the requirment there for them
  • will need to create a mock up for people to look at and react to
  • 21-Jan see what we need to put together for the mock up
Integrating Multiple Servers 
  • Scheduled for 14-Jan design call..
Appointment Scheduling 
  • Had showcase on 8-Jan
  • Next step is to get exsisting module into tp get running in OpenMRS reference application (Need to assign dev)
  • Bahmni team plans to integrate into application by Maputo.
Program-based Workflow  
  • Will revisit in Maputo.
REST Web Service Enhancements 
  • Will depend on Bahmni priorities.
Migration Strategy 
  • Will prioritize when we know what is in 2.2.
CIEL Dictionary 
  • Still pending OCL/CIEL Subscription module.
Engaging Business Analysts 
  • Burke Mamlin will reach out to Audrey, Shasha, and David to see how things are going, do they have all the tools they need, are they ready to start teeing up the next activities (ie. coordinating order entry mockups?)
SolDevelo Volunteering 
  • Burke Mamlin has suggested activities like helping out with exsisting technical roadmap, help specifc implemenation, and functionality wish list requests.
  • Łukasz Rusak is PM for SolDevelo. Areas of expertise: Business Intelligence I Decision support systems | Business analysis | Project management | Application development | Analytics | Data integration | Team building
  • Priorities to help with administrative UI, order entry once it has a clearer path, 2.2 registration or appointment scheduling

Action items