Nov 17, 2014


Discussion items

Drug Lookup for Allergy Release 1Unknown User (shasha)
  • did a showcase last week, bug came up and Unknown User (shasha) is creating a ticket
  • Unknown User (shasha) will organize outstanding tickets in epic for allergy work that can not be done until drug orders happen
  • any new tickets go into 2.2 tickets
  • Allergy dashboard is communicating incorrect information and needs to be updated
  • release will happen after all tickets are wrapped up
OCL-CIEL Subscription ModuleRafa? Korytkowski
  • waiting for OCL on staging server to do testing (maybe this week)
  • loading CIEL dictonary this week to start testing
  • writing tests to verify the the work we are doing
  • do regular showcases with iTECH Kenya and/or OMRS dev team
Release Platform 1.11Unknown User (dkayiwa)
OpenMRS 2.2 
  • had discusion today on the design call around Condition List w/ Bahmni team
  • CIEL dictonary - determine to what extent more (all?) of CIEL dictionary can be included "out of the box"

Action items