Nov 10, 2014



Discussion items

Allergy Release 1Shasha Liu / Daniel Kayiwa
OCL-CIEL subscription module 
Platform 1.11 
  • release in a week or so
OpenMRS 2.2 
  • strategically need to queue up major design needs - talk about on Wednesday's design call
  • schedule out design call time for technical roadmap topics
  • assign some leads to be in charge of each technical topic
  • Condition list - on Monday's call?
  • Basic Order Entry for meds and tests was talked about on today's design call and can be moved forward
  • migration strategy will be designed later as it will be effected by others
  • PIH BA (Dave) time on registration for functional requirements for OpenMRS 2.2 to create out of the box
  • empower implemenations to add their features

Action items