Sep 25, 2014



Discussion items

5minCommunity Development CalendarWyclif Luyima
  • the community development calendar is out of date and needs updated
 AllergiesShasha Liu
  • sorting alphabetical and not including duplicaties in the immediate todo lists
  • API level should not allow duplicates in allergies list
  • Add list of allergens and reactions

  • Blocker: bug around order entry and privileges to record stuff
  • Bahmni picked this ticket up
  • Should release 1.10.1 when this bug is fixed
  • release is scheduled for tomorrow (9/30)
  • one nice new feature in allergies focus was on the release process
  • a few modules that also need released 
  • HTML form entry release is blocked (test broken) on ticket about 1.10 (assigned to Rafał Korytkowski
  • need to get allergies to releaseable state (two tickets noted above)
 OCL-CIELBurke Mamlin
  • This is the next priority
  • Shasha Liu is editing tickets
  • Darius and Burke had talk with itech team today and this is definitely a priority.
  • Shasha will be out from 9/30 - 10/14
  • AMR API needs release
  • Burke will also be out 10/2 & 10/3

Action items