OpenMRS Lite Module-Documentation



The aim of the module is to provide a version of OpenMRS that can be accessed easily on low bandwidth connection via a 2G or 3G networks. This has been done by providing a User Interface in place of reference application sufficiently reducing the size of the pages and associated resources.


Difference between Reference Application and Lite Module

Reference Application depends on the CoreApps Module and RegistrationApp module to provide required functionality in terms of apps. Since the Lite Module aims to reduce the size of the pages, it could not use these modules, as the page views and design had to be changed in order to achieve the required aim. Therefore the Lite module contains the code of CoreApps module and Registration App module as its parts, with the functionality remaining the same ands the only difference being in the “.gsp” files. Reference Application is makes heavy use of javascript which makes the page heavy. Therefore in the Lite module unnecessary javascript is removed while the rest is deferred until page load.


Screenshots of the Module

Login Page



Home Page


Find Patient Record



Register Patient


Active Visits


Patient Dashboard