Jun 23, 2014



Discussion items


1.10 alpha bug fixes in order to promote to 1.10 beta

  • Here's the work we are trying to get done and try to get some dates done
  • Wyclif Luyima - How much work is left to get this done?
    • Do we want a group of people or not?
    • What work after the bug fix tickets is there to get it into Beta.
    • Estimated times
  • Review the dashboard
  • Communication to the Community

Splitting up the tickets in 1.11 in order to get them reviewed (Community help welcomed!)

  • We need to decide on the mechanism to help drive this completion
    • What is the best way to go through 100's of tickets
    • Setup a call to talk through how this process should be
  • To do's
    • What needs to get done on each ticket? We want to really only take one pass through these tickets
      • Vetting
      • Creating a release note
      • Validate it works
      • Does it involve complexity that needs to be reviewed a second time
      • Basically 20 questions on review each ticket

Allergy feature planning

  • Get the frame work of the project setup (charter it) - initiate it
    • Set some dates
    • Design calls - first pass at a kick off meeting
 Open Discussion 
  • What are our methods to get work complete
    • Sprints
    • Kanban
    • Hackathon
    • Spikes

Action items