Features planned for the future.  Once these have been designed, they will be attached to a milestone



Completion Status

Sessions (Encounter Transactions)


Metadata Mapping (Design Page)




Common or Centralized Approach to Tagging



Handling Observation Exceptions (Design Page)  

Concept Class Hierarchy




Support for DME Supplies  

Cohort-level Encounters and Observations



Improved State Machinery (Design Page)


Episodes of Care and Protocols


Support for Care Settings 



Form Model improvements



Support for person_identifier



Separating organizational from privilege-related roles



Contact Information On Persons


Support for Clustering


Support for Drug Formularies



Support external master registries of Patient, Location, Provider, Concept, and other metadata


Centralized Auditing (Design Page)




Support for Structured Numerics


Event Bus for OpenMRS (enterprise-quality event messaging)