May 28, 2014



Discussion items

10min1.10Wyclif Luyima
  • Plan is to release tonight
    • May need help from Daniel Kayiwa if blockers during the release happen.
  • Testing
    • Once alpha is release the KenyaEMR will start testing in about week or two
  • Prior to Beta
    • Getting tickets ready for the next release and clearing up backlog

 1.11Burke Mamlin, Kaweesi Joseph, Daniel Kayiwa
  • Need to get them (Joseph and Daniel) invited to the PM call to help understand next steps together
  • Working toward a good testing strategy as we need won't have as intense testing happening during 1.10
  • Looking into what is happening with commits into 1.11
    • Is it a branch off of master? Going thought yes
    • Action item: to start scoping out the tasks with 1.11 to get it ready to get out the door for Alpha.
    • Looking at the porting process
 RoadmapShasha Liu
  • More discussions need to happen
 Releases ManagementEveryone
  • Look at the Ubuntu release process

Action items