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Burke Mamlin

Backup mentor

Elliott Williams

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Alexis Duque


The Atlas Module was created in Google Summer of Code 2011 as a way for implementations to easily create and maintain a marker on the OpenMRS Atlas. The module has not yet been widely adopted for two reasons: (1) it has not been distributed as part of OpenMRS, since OpenMRS 1.10 was delayed and later changed, and (2) creating or updating a marker depends on the module running in a production system connected to the public internet.

This project aims to address both of these issues by making a version of the Atlas Module to be distributed within OpenMRS 2.0 and allowing an implementation's marker to be registered to an OpenMRS ID, allowing for a the marker to be created or revised outside of the module.

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21 April – 18 May:

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Enter Atlas Module

Just click on the OpenMRS Atlas icon from OpenMRS Ref App.

Atlas Module

In my mind, Atlas Module just render the Atlas Server into OpenMRS app, adding admin function as enable/disable marker update, send or not statistics.

Home Page

As a user can create or edit markers directly in Atlas Server, Atlas Module homepage can be an embedded view of Alas Server (maybe with <iframe> HTML tags for example), or just a map with user markers (maybe better idea !)

OpenMRS ID sign-in is required

Link/Unlink a server to a site in the Atlas

Enable or Disable Automatic Update

Edit your marker, show your counts chose to display them in Atlas

Show what is sent to OpenMRS

Atlas Server

A Visitor

Atlas Server Login


New database to manage markers created in Atlas Server and privileges