Download demo data

A sample anonymized data set, including 5,000 patients and 500,000 observations, is available for the following Platform releases (note that demo data for OpenMRS Platform releases and will not work for OpenMRS Reference Application releases): For the OpenMRS Reference Application, just set the setting named "referencedemodata.createDemoPatientsOnNextStartup" to the number of demo patients you want created and restart the application.

When installing this demo data, the initial password for the user 'admin' is 'Admin123'. You should change the password after installing the demo data.

Use the following MySQL queries to create your database and import the data, then deploy OpenMRS:

sql> use database_name;
sql> source demo-1.10.0.sql

Download large demo data

This is a very large dataset that can require a long time to install and/or upgrade. We include for developers needing to do performance testing; however, in most cases, the smaller demo datasets will not only meet your needs, but will be less painful/slow to work with. This large demo data set contains thousands of patients and the addition of program data.


Older versions

For 1.4 and below, you will need to run the update-to-latest-mysqldiff.sql for that version after running this sql file.