This tutorial will provide a quick guide on how to add or remove drugs from a patients regimen
Assumption: User has found and selected the patient.

Step by step guide:

  1. Navigate to "Regimens" under the patients profile tabs
  2. Click on "Add/Change Regimen"
  3. You may select a predifined combination of drugs depending on the diagnosis on the left side "Add a standard drug regimen"
    1. Or for each drug repeat the following steps:
      1. Select the drug name under the drop down
      2. Type in the dosage prescribed (according to the drug selected the measurement units will vary) Ex. mg, ml, g etc. 
      3. Select the frequency on a daily and weekly scale
      4. Click on the Start Date field and a calendar will aid the selection process
  4. Click Add

  5. Adding regiment has been completed
  6. To Stop the drug enter the date stopped and the reason why.
    By stopping the drug will allow you to easily resume it in the future
    The drug will always be under the history of the patients records
  7. To delete a drug, select the reason then click "Delete
    Deleting a drug will permanently delete the drug of the patients record.
  8. Following the same procedures you may also "Stop this category" and "Delete this category" using steps 6 and 7.