The outcome of this project was merged with the main codebase. It can be used starting in OpenMRS 1.9.0

Primary mentor

Wyclif Luyima

Backup mentor

Nyoman Ribeka

Assigned to

Taras Chorny


In OpenMRS just like any other legacy system, the text displayed to the user can be in varying languages as specified by the user but currently all the text on the pages that are rendered when installing the OpenMRS web application or running the database updater isn't translated to the supported languages except english. If the application is to be installed well, the user should be able to provide the right responses to all the prompts of the installation wizard and this can prove to be a problem if they can't understand well what the prompts are asking for. Therefore, this project is aimed at addressing the possible language barrier.


The purpose is to integrate an internationalization tool that can be used to localize all velocity templates in OpenMRS and allow a user to run the installation and database update wizards in their selected language.

Domain Expert(s) / User(s)

OpenMRS Core Developers

Required Skills

Desired Skills


Extra Credit