Organizer: Ben Wolfe

Problem: handling disconnected data entry

Current (and only standard) option: RemoteFormEntry
Works to enter data in form at remote site, make available in target site, with the mechanism being to send/transfer partial SQL dump
disadvantages: 1) no real database exists at remote form entry site, and 2) there can be an unintended side effect of remotely created patiends are removed temporarily as a result of central site update

New (upcoming) option: Synchronization Module
basic principle is to track actual changes made through the API, package these changes for transport, send to target instance, and re-execute changes on the target system

This will allows correct handling of a patient visiting multiple sites that have a "sync" relation

Synchronization module demonstration on OpenMRS 1.5 (or maybe the eventual 1.5.1)
Depends on UUID feature in core, introduced in R1.5
Targeting a release of the module in 6 weeks (End of October?) but input/help from developers needed to resolve outstanding tickets

Synchronization methods

  1. Web (Network), using transport over the network
  2. File, using transport using physical media

Synchronization section in Admin page:

Points made during the presentation/discussion:

for synchronized systems, it is not recommended to execute direct DB changes because sync tracks API activities. DB changes*will get lost