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Unknown User (darius)

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Jennifer Parise

The output at the completion of this project is the Concept Management Apps module.



OpenMRS is building a new application and user interface from scratch, which will let us do rapid prototyping and rapid delivery of features, in a way not previously possible.

The cornerstone of the OpenMRS platform is the "Concept Dictionary" which allows non-developers to customize their installations to capture all different sorts of data.

The goal of this project is to deliver very practical tools to help OpenMRS administrators perform common tasks and batch operations that are not supported in the existing user interface. Examples include visualizing hierarchical relationships between concepts, and copying names between different locales.

Project Champions



  1. As an introduction to the OpenMRS API and frameworks, build some straightforward concept searches and manipulations, as requested by project champions.
  2. Tools for managing and populating the concept_reference_term and concept_reference_term_map tables
  3. Ability to visualize multiple concepts in a hierarchy based on relationships between SNOMED mappings.

All of these should be implemented within the new Reference Application, using the UI Framework.