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Jeremy Keiper

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Ada Yeung

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Harsha Kumara


The Data Integrity Module allows users to run integrity checks against the database and identify problems for review. Each integrity check has several records with a status of New, Ignored or Voided. Users browse through the records, look up paper forms and verify the data. The only way to remove a record from the listing is to mark it as Ignored or re-run the integrity check after fixing the problem (at which point the record is voided because it is no longer an error). It's very hard to manage and fix large number of integrity checks with having thousands of record for each check.Data Integrity Workflow Module allow users to efficiently and collaboratively manage data integrity checks.This module enable manager to assign records in a particular integrity check to users(can be a analytic people) for analyse the issue with the record and fix it.


Module functionality

Data integrity workflow module enable very flexible environment for manage the integrity records within openmrs databases. When someone use data integrity module which is the parent module of this project, he may experience with large number of integrity checks followed by number of integrity check records per each check. Within very few administrative people, it's very hard to manage all the integrity workflow records spread within all the integrity records of the system. So this module enable managers or administrative people to assign people for each records to follow on and fix particular records. Record assign capability and privilege will only be granted for managerial persons in the system. Followers can change the working status and comment on particular records for get further clarifications on the process of fixing the particular integrity record.

      System Privileges

    System Functions

System Views

Module is consist of several views to achieve the required functions mention in above, In following sections will contains the set of functions associate with each view and how it can be use for achieve the required functionalists.

Administrative links for manager

Low level user links

Integrity Check View

View records for a check

Assign User View

Check Summary View

Record History View

Integrity Record View

Change Check Key  View

Add Workflow Stage

Low Level User View 

These are the set of views in the module which provide the required functionality specified in the module.

Final evaluation demonstration



Initial version of the module will be compatible with OpenMRS 1.8.x

Use Cases

UI Mockups

E-R Diagram


Project Plan

Project Timeline

May 27-Jun17

Jun 17-Jun 25

Jun 25-Jul 29 

Implement the first phase of the project

Goal-Finishing manager view implementations

Jul 29 -Aug 2 

Aug 2- Sep 9

Implement the second phase of the project

Goal-Finishing user view implementations and finalise the project



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Data Integrity Module