Primary mentor

Rafal Korytkowski

Backup mentor

Burke Mamlin

Assigned to

Chris Niesel


We want to offer module developers a more friendly development environment like the one provided by e.g. Atlassian.


  1. Make it possible to run OpenMRS with an in-memory/embedded DB (configuration free and fast development setup thanks to skipping liquibase scripts, requires small changes in core)
  2. Deploy a module to any version of OpenMRS straight from the maven module archetype (requires modifications in maven module archetype)
  3. Improve the OMOD Reloader Module to read configuration continuously without restarting OpenMRS, create a configuration page to change settings straight from webapp
  4. Package OpenMRS SDK. Consider one of the 2 approaches:
    1. Package maven and simple bash scripts in a zip file which when unpacked on different Windows/Linux/OS X will let you run: (this is a MUST have)
      1. omrs-create-module -- invokes the archetype & walks through creating a module
      2. omrs-run -- runs the module in the current directory (build module & deploy it into an OpenMRS instance)
    2. Package JVM, maven and jgit. See for example (this is just nice to try)
      1. Create a module (backed by the maven module archetype)
      2. Build and (re)deploy a module to any version of OpenMRS (backed by the maven module archetype)
  5. Update documentation on the wiki and create a screencast

Extra Credit

  1.  Add more features to the OpenMRS SDK application e.g.
    1. Clone any repository from github
    2. Get latest changes
    3. Create topic branch for a ticket and push it to fork

Timeline (approx)

May 25 – June 16 (Community Bonding Period):

June 17 – July 17:

July 18 – Aug 11:

Aug 12 – Aug 31:

Sept 1 – Sept 16:

Sept 17 – Sept 23:


  1. Atlassian SDK
  2. Video overview of Atlassian SDK
  3. JavaFX self-contained packaging
  4. OpenMRS-SDK-proposal.pdf