General Info

Topic: Patient Summary
Dates: January 24, 2013 - February 6, 2013
Type of Project (Spike, Sprint, Epic): Sprint
Lead (Product Owner): Joaquin Blaya
Developer Lead:  Mike Seaton
Sprint Dashboard:
Source code at:


This Sprint is geared towards finishing up the work that was started in late 2012, and making the necessary additions and changes to release the first version of the patientsummary module to the module repository. This primarily will involve building the necessary user interface components, and writing documentation.

The Sprint kickoff was held on Thursday, January 24 at 3pm using Google Hangout and broadcast to YouTube. Those of you interested in joining the Sprint can watch this kickoff meeting here to get a better sense of the goals and "meet" some of us involved:

We will be working directly off of the master branch for this Sprint, at the github repo located here: Direct commits to this branch will be the primary method of contributing. For those more comfortable submitting pull requests, that approach is perfectly fine as well.

How to Participate

Join the IRC channel and say mseaton: I'd like to participate in the sprint! 

The general process:

  1. New to OpenMRS sprints? Want help getting started? 
  2. Pick a ticket from the available tickets in the top-left of the sprint dashboard page. (listed below)
  3. If you have any questions about the ticket, ask on the group chat
  4. Do the ticket. See our HOWTO for git. Sprint specific git HOWTO for devs with push rights: whatever works for you :-) If you don't like pull requests, don't send them. Commit and push directly to the main repo. If you do like pull requests, fork the main repo and send pull requests, but merge them right after. My favorite way is to work on the main repo, but create local branches (without pushing them to the main repo). Merge branches locally to the master and push to the main repo.
  5. Join the daily scrum to share your updates


Must Have:

The key goal we want to accomplish with this Sprint is to complete the basic user interface for administering, editing, and previewing patient summaries (both the data they include, and their templates), and to publish a functional, well-tested initial version of the module to the module repository.  The following tickets encapsulate this work:

Should Have:

Could Have: