This award has been renamed to "Volunteer of the Month". For more information on that award, check: Volunteer of the Month Award.


Starting in January 2013, the OpenMRS community will highlight one of its volunteer contributors that have made significant and sustained contributions to the project. We'll be sharing peoples' stories of how they got involved with OpenMRS, how they contribute, and some other interesting things about their lives. We're looking forward to learning more about our fellow contributors and hope you will too!

Month & Year


January 2013

Unknown User (sunbiz)

February 2013

Unknown User (r.friedman)

March 2013

Unknown User (lluismf)

April 2013

Unknown User (surangak)

May 2013

Unknown User (rapilabs)

June 2013

Unknown User (tgreensweig)

July 2013

Unknown User (dawn)

August 2013

Unknown User (leebreisacher)

September 2013


October 2013


November 2013


December 2013


If you'd like to nominate someone to be Volunteer of the Month, please fill out the VOTM Form.