24 June 2010

In Attendance



Summer of Code Updates - Group 3

Deduplication Intern: Suneeth, Mentors: James Egg, Shaun Grannis

htmlformentry Intern: Xiaohu Fan, Mentor: Mark Goodrich, Darius Jazayeri

Bug Analytics Intern: Shiva, Mentor: Diederik, David

Metadata sharing Intern: Rafal, Mentors: Darius, Jeremy

Remark Module Intern: Christian, Mentor: Wyclif, Sy


One week from now Jira will go live ( The trac tickets will be ported over and all new tickets and ticket editing will happen on jira. Links to will forward to the right tickets. More information on the dev list.

1.7 update

We now have 11 tickets outstanding. They will probably be done by next week's alpha release date.

A few bug fixes can be put off and fixed before the 1.7 beta release.


Sy will send an email to the dev list about getting some help with a few pending comments.