Usage Statistics is a module for collecting high-level statistics about usage of patient records by users in OpenMRS. It allows an administrator to view usage statistics based on location, user roles, date ranges, days of the week, and hours of the day. It also shows how users are finding patient records - searching by name, by ID etc.


When the module is installed it automatically begins recording views, updates, creations and voidings of patient records. You can view this data and configure the module by following the Usage Statistics link under the Maintenance heading on the OpenMRS Administration page.

Required privileges

Users who are not system developers will require the following explicit privileges:

*View Usage Statistics: allows a user to view the usage statistics pages, and the patient dashboard tab
*Manage Usage Statistics: allows a user to change the module's configuration options

The aggregator

Some of the pages (Time and day, Searches and Raw usage data) display information from the raw usage data, but the rest of the pages use aggregated data which is updated hourly by a scheduled task. This aggregation task can however, be run manually from the Configuration page at any time.


The following options can be changed from the configuration page of the module:

*Minimum usage interval: this is the minimum number of seconds between unique usages of a patient record by one user. For example, if this is set to 300 seconds (5 minutes), then if a user views a patient record, and then any more usage within the next 5 minutes is not recorded as a new usage, but rather updates the previous record
*Ignore system developers: this means that usage by users with the system developer role will be ignored
*Person attribute for location: this is the person attribute which will be used when querying based on the user's location
*Automatically delete raw data after: this is the number of days that raw usage data will be kept for (aggregate data is kept indefinitely)


Summarized release notes