I have to leave at 3:30p EDT for a doctor's appt, so could we discuss these items first?
--Jmiranda 13:33, 3 August 2006 (EDT)

formentry.expand.command='expand -F:* {0} {1}' # param 0 = file to expand, param1 = path to destination directory
formentry.makecab.command='makecab {0}
publish.ddf' # param0 = path to publish.ddf


formentry.expand.command='extract {0}' # param0 = cab file
formentry.makecab.command='lcab {0}' # param0 = path to files

NOTE: The application will need to know which environment it is running on, in order to feed in the correct values to each command since those values will be different depending on whether you're running on Linux or Windows.