The SDMX-HD Integration module allows OpenMRS to export aggregate data in the SDMX-HD format. It makes use of the Reporting Module and allows the mapping of Indicator and Dimensions created in the reporting module to be mapped to Indicators and Dimensions in a SDMX-HD DataSetDefinition.

Use Case

A typical use case would be as follows:

SDMX-HD Documentation

For some documentation on creating SDMX-HD DataSet Definitions please see the SDMX-HD website. Here are some links to the current (at time of writing) standards documentation:

Producing a an SDMX-HD DataSet Definition is non-trivial, and requires a good knowledge of the documentation but the documentation above will allow you to get started. Here are some sample SDMX-HD DataSet Definition that you can have a look at:

SDMX-HD features supported by this module

SDMX-HD features NOT supported by this module


SDMX-HD Integration Module 0.6.3b1



Download the module and all the required modules from the links above and upload them to you OpenMRS system.

Getting Started

To test out the module, please download the Sample SDMX-HD message listed above. For guides on how to create indicators and dimensions in the Reporting module see Building Reports (Step By Step Guide).


If you encounter any bugs or have any feature requests please submit a ticket using the links below. If you have any question please write an email to the? OpenMRS dev Mailing Lists.

If any other developer would like to help out with this module please contact me: Ryan Crichton

Technical documentation

These are some pages that were created while the module was in development. They may not be up-to-date anymore but the main concept should still apply.

This module was originaly coded by Ryan Crichton of Jembi Health Systems.