This module serves as one of the alternatives to Microsoft InfoPath for OpenMRS data entry.
The module converts an OpenMRS form to an XForm.
Data entry can be done using any browser that supports JavaScript. The browser which has been tested most frequently with this module is Mozilla Firefox and hence is the recommended.

This module also consumes and serves OpenMRS forms as XForms from and to applications that use the XForms standard.
An example of such applications are the XForms Mobile Data Collection tools for OpenMRS.
The communication between the mobile device and this module can take places via HTTP, Bluetooth or SMS.
The Bluetooth and SMS communication is implemented by the OpenMRS Bluetooth and SMS scheduled tasks respectively.
Applications that work in offline mode will normally start by downloading a set of patients to collect data for. So these patient sets are supplied by this module.
To ensure that only authorized users will access these applications, the module also serves the users to be downloaded and used for such purposes.

What This Module Does Do

What This Module Does Not Do


To download the XForms Module, please go to the OpenMRS module repository here: