Steps to follow when setting up openmrs Platform for the first time.

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If you need a login or password, try these defaults:

If you want root access you can type the command: sudo su and then type the password openmrs when prompted.

The appliance is built from an

{html}<A href="" mce_href="" target="_blank">Ubuntu Server</A> {html}

(10.04). You can treat it like any Ubuntu install.

The appliance assumes defaults to an internal NAT mode. If you do not get the "Welcome to OpenMRS" message when it starts, your appliance is probably not getting an IP from your VM manager.

The appliance is not meant for production environments. It uses very weak passwords with no encryption and does not support very large datasets. Please do not put patient data into the appliance without considering these limitations.

If you have any questions, email the Community mailing list for assistance. If you want to help with the next version of OpenMRS appliance, see the repository.