The OpenMRS 2.0 UI is undergoing a lot of improvement and the API should garner an equal amount of attention.

There is a possibility of turning the current api into a jar or omod file.  This creates space for the API to be completely rewritten without having to deal with backwards compatibility

Package Name Options

If the pojos and services are going to be changing drastically, then the package for the 2.0 api will have to be different.  Keep in mind that the current package name is org.openmrs.api

Pojo Change Wishlist

The objects in the api (Patient, Person, Obs, etc) follow a common theme.  Here is a list of things that I've either dreamed up or heard from others about things to change in them

Service Change Wishlist

Similar to the previous list, here is a list of things that people would like to change about our current services (PersonService, PatientService, etc)