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For now, please video record with mobile phone/tablet/desktop of the user's hand interacting with the file during this usability test. (i.e. so we can see what they are clicking on). Then upload file to Google Drive for Design team review.


START with Tablet

1. Launch this link (Figma, Patient Chart vs 2 Interactive - Tablet)

2. Ask them

3. Ask them to find more information about the patient's past medical diagnosis

(they should click on the word Conditions or the box under Conditions)

4. Ask what they are looking at now on the screen.

5. Ask how they would return to the previous page they were just on.

(they should either click on "Chart" or on "History")

6. Ask them to return to the active condition's page.

7. On this page inquire if any of the items look clickable?

8. Ask them to see more details about the diagnosis of HIV

(they should click the HIV row in the conditions table).

9. Ask which parts of the chart they can now navigate back to

THEN move to Mobile

1. Launch this link (Figma, Patient Chart vs 2 Interactive - Mobile)

2. Ask for initial impressions on mobile.  How they find reviewing the patient chart.

3. Proceed through similar steps as above with table.

THEN move to Desktop

Desktop mockups are still not complete.

Point here is to get initial feedback again on overall layout / heading titles  / etc

Launch this link (Figma, Patient Chart vs 2 Interactive - Desktop)