What is a content inventory?

A content inventory categorizes all the content on a website.

As we rebuild a new OpenMRS frontend, it will be helpful for to see the existing functionality and variation across clinical systems.

After completing a Content Inventory we can perform a cross-system Content Audit, to identify the most frequently used functionality, which will help in prioritizing design development.

How do to a content inventory

The resources at the bottom of this article propose how this is done for a typical website. However, as OpenMRS is a more of a web application (a tool used to do work), not a website (e.g. not advertising a product / service) we will adopt the traditional content inventory to meet our needs.

A blank template (TEMPLATE PENDING) is available for you to start a content inventory for your own OpenMRS System.

Status of completed content inventories

(alphabetically listed)

OpenMRS System

Status, Date

Link to content inventory
AMATH Medical Record System

Done, Sept 2019

AMPATH Content Inventory
Bahmni-- --
OpenMRS Reference Applicationin progress, Sept 2019OpenMRS Content Inventory

Resources on Content Inventory

Wikipedia: Content inventory

Nielsen Norman Group: The Difference Between Information Architecture (IA) and Navigation

UX Mastery: How to Conduct A Content Audit by Donna Spencer (2014)