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Internships: Andela

  • All tickets should be completed by the end of the week
  • OCL has
OpenMRS Reference 2.10
OpenMRS Platform 2.3
  • Platform 2.3.0 Release Management Page

  • nTo include in the release notes . Already merged but should be noted.
  • OWA needs to be broken down into tickets that can be worked on by community memebers
  • Blocker on  to consider making changes on the different UI modules .

Documentation Review 2019

GSoD 2019

  • More project details can be found here
  • Follow up with Burke and other mentors to ensure they are engaging with GSoD Applicants
Front Ends ProjectUpdates every 2 weeks


PM tool

  1. Community and Implementor egagement survey to be planned
  2. Ongoing discussion
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