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The OAuth2 module is functional with all grant types working against OpenMRS 2.x releases with work done in FHIR OAuth Smart Apps Integration . The objective of this project is to enhance the OAuth2 module by writing unit tests to increase code coverage, migrate from an XML based configuration to an Annotation based configuration wherever possible, upgrade Spring, Spring Security, Jackson and Hibernate dependencies to make sure the module works against the latest OpenMRS release. Another major goal is to fully integrate EHR-launch flow for the SMART applications. This functionality must be tested out against the FHIR module with SMART applications from the SMART App Gallery . Also, the module needs to add support for SMART app "launch scopes".

Note on the current state of module : The module is tried and tested against all OpenMRS 2.x releases upto OpenMRS 2.2-Snapshot. All grant types work and SMART applications run against the module with the manual-launch flow. REST controller to create and manage OAuth2 clients is integrated and works as intended.

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Sanatt Abrol Mayank Sharma Harsha Kumara  Prabodh Kotasthane


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