The OpenMRS community is working hard to assemble a complete User Guide for OpenMRS, including everything you need to know to install, configure, and use OpenMRS in your environment. We encourage everyone involved to the project to help refine and add to this documentation!

OpenMRS Guides

New to OpenMRS?  Begin with the Guide for the New and the Curious

The OpenMRS Guide is available online and can be downloaded as a PDF. The PDF of the OpenMRS Guide (6.35MB) is attached to this page as well.

The Implementers Guide describes everything from product evaluation to launching your site. This includes evaluating whether OpenMRS meets your needs, organizational and technical requirements, installation, and designing concepts and forms. 

The Administrator Guide documents day to day tasks after launch. These include systems administration, adding new users, and maintaining forms and concepts. 

The User Guide is for clinicians, data clerks, and other end users.  It describes everyday tasks like logging in and finding a patient record.


Read about system requirements.


Installing an OpenMRS server or client.

Using OpenMRS

Information about using OpenMRS.

Administrator Guide

For implementers & administrators, learn how to administer your OpenMRS server(s).

Data Management

Information about data management.

Training Materials

Information and links to training resources.