If you are considering hosting or having a sprint, please see How-To Have a Sprint for best practices

This page is out of date and does not reflect our current active sprints. Please check with devs on IRC (http://irc.openmrs.org) for now until we get this page updated with current information.


The OpenMRS core development team uses the a semi agile sprinting mechanism for getting features written in a coordinated fashion. This allows new features to move forward at a quick pace. It also distributes the knowledge of different features to a wider audience.

Anyone interested in joining a sprint should let either the sprint lead know or just send a general request to be on one to the dev list.

Sprint Details

Weekly Emails

You should expect to see an email from Ben and Darius every week which will:

Designing a Sprint

These are required features that must be in place before a sprint can be started (or maybe even to just be scheduled)

Being a Sprint Leader

See the Being a Sprint Leader page

During a Sprint (for developers)

Schedule of Sprints

(included from the Sprint Schedule page)