February 11, 2011

This version of OpenMRS is a prerelease and not considered worthy for production use. Its function is to give users an idea of what to expect in the upcoming major release (1.8.0) and help discover any possible obscure new bugs.

What's New since version 1.7?

Version 1.8.0 Beta 2 of OpenMRS has a couple of new features but our main focus over the past couple of months has been on addressing performance bottlenecks in the core application and several modules that we deemed widely used, it is highly recommended to upgrade the modules to their latest versions to maximize the benefits this release has to offer. You may also visit Performance Tuning page and find out how best to tune your installation for better performance. You can download OpenMRS 1.8 Beta 2 to try/test it.

Performance Improvements

You can visit Performance improvement statistics page to view the performance measurement comparisons between version 1.8.0 Beta 2 and the 1.7.0 stable release.

New Features:

A huge thanks to the 44 people that contributed code to this release: ajanthan, aravindm, astelmashenko, bmamlin, bwolfe, crecabarren, cristian.chircu, diptanuc, djazayeri, dthomas, firzhan, gigix, hablutzel1, harsha.cse, jKeiper, knoll_frank, l0s, luzhuangwei, mblanchette, mcunderlik, mharrison, misha680, mogoodrich, msambath, mseaton, ndutta, nribeka, n.nehete, r0bb, raff, shazin, slorenz, sneha, stuartgunter, sunbiz, syhaas, thadk, tks423, uday_rayala, umashanthi, upul, wyclif, yhemanth, zabilcm

Not to mention all the people that contributed in countless other ways to support this release and be a great part of the shaping of this release: pbiondich, mdowney, dawn, nareesa, zeshan.

Community Input

We welcome any user to download OpenMRS 1.8 Beta2 and try it out, give us feedback, and potentially bug reports on this release. We especially ask current users try this version out on their own database and with their custom modules.

Even if you don't have time to do any thorough testing, we'd really appreciate it if you can upgrade a copy of your database to the 1.8 data model, and report on any errors than may occur in the upgrade script.

If a new bug is found, send an email to one of the mailing lists or create a new JIRA ticket (click upper right icon) Signup for an OpenMRS ID

We do not recommend using this in a production environment!


OpenMRS 1.8.0 Beta 2 represents version

Download OpenMRS 1.8 Beta 2

Bundled Modules

These modules are bundled with the 1.8 beta2 openmrs.war download. They will be started automatically.

Non-Backwards-Compatible Changes for Developers

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New Features