How to access the cohort builder:

About the OpenMRS cohort-builder OWA

The OpenMRS cohort-builder OWA is used to make search queries against a dataset of patients with different query options, the cohort-builder currently has 5 active tabs each offering the user with different option and parameters to make search queries.

These are :-

  1. The Concept / Observation tab

  2. The Patient Attributes tab

  3. The Encounter tab

  4. The Composition tab

  5. The Saved  tab


The Concept / Observation tab

This tab gives the user the option to search via concepts or observations existing in the system.

Concepts are the individual data points collected from a population of patients.  They include both questions and answers. An example here would be whole blood sample, with the question; Does the patient value have a whole blood sample?


Observations denote anything actively measured or observed during an encounter. For example a patient's weight, age or blood pressure.


The Patient Attributes tab

This tab gives the user the option to search via demographics and a person attributes

The Encounter tab

An encounter is a single, specific interaction between the patient and a provider.

This tab gives the user the option to search via patients encounter and the location at which they interacted with the service provider.

The Composition tab

This tab  allows a user to combine multiple cohorts using the logical operators:- 'AND' 'OR', and 'NOT'.

To use this query, you need to have query results from the other queries in your search history. These are the queries which will then be combined to yeild new results.

Example: There is a cohort of patients who weigh less than 100 KG at #1, and a cohort of patients with ages between 23 and 35 years at #2 in the search history.
You can create a query with a composition '1 AND 2' and add a brief meaningful description for the new query. To view a result for the combined queries.

 There are two input boxes on this tab  namely:

  1. Composition: This is where the operations are entered e.g 1 AND 2 from the example above

  2. Description: This is a memorable name or description for the search composition that is being created. Eg. for the above example, we could add a description "Patients weight < 100, age 23 -35". (checkout image below for a visual sample).


The Saved tab

 This tab gives the user the option to search for a saved cohort or definition, it has two fields namely



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